Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Socially Speaking

The mobile phone; the device created to make phone calls between people, without having to be at home. It was developed, created, and demonstrated in 1973, by Motorola. It weighed only a mere 2.2 pounds, with a range of service that would be viewed today as short [at best]. In 1979, the first cellular hand held (such foreign words these days) device was commercially available. The first mobile to mobile text (SMS) message was sent in 1993, advancing past the original purpose of a mobile phone.  In the last 20 years or so, the cell phone has become more than a mode of basic conversation; it has become the vast majority of peoples’ lives.

The smartphone era. The smartphone generation. I suppose the generation is part of the well-known “Generation Y”. It is a group of introspective, technology and thrill seeking; self consumed “Millennials”, born within the year range of 1980-2000. Oddly enough, that is the same general time period in which cell phones had been made commercially available, and advanced past a basic verbal communication device. 

Do I have a cell phone? YES

Do I have applications and social media on it? YES

Now, though, I would rather not have any of it. It complicates life, exposes too much, and lessens the actual in person interaction between human beings. Granted, I am sure I sound like an old school, old man right now, but cell phones are creating a diversion. Instead of assisting in communication, as it was once purposed for, they are ruining the line of communication. I have not been able to sit in a room with peers, without them getting on their phone at some (several) point(s). It’s a crutch for people. It’s a way to get away from their surroundings, and have their own time and space to themselves. But they aren’t having any sort of time alone. Every post, every like, every picture, every favorite, every retweet, is broadcasted for everyone to see. Cell phones have made it far too easy for social media to be accessed at any point of the day, from any location. 

Social media destroyed how everyday life used to be. Instead of having one on one face to face conversation, everything is out for everyone to see. 

Twitter=no more thoughts kept to yourself anymore

Facebook=no one has privacy anymore

Instagram=no one takes pictures for themselves anymore

Snapchat=no one takes pictures for an album or to give to anyone anymore

Maybe this will help:

Unfortunately, social media will continue to advance, and never reach a point of utter disgust for enough people to finally put down the phones and just live life. Moments in life will be ruined; relationships will be ruined. We are all becoming drones in this forever technologically advancing world. The applications that were once created to be used as an expression of self have become who we are. We live in our phones, and act according to how we describe ourselves in the ‘About Me’ section of each social media profile. We are becoming more social, without even speaking.

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