Friday, July 18, 2014


I don't quite get people (myself included). I suppose as we go through life, we are assumed to learn more. The odd thing that I have found, is that I learn more about what I find I dislike, or find confusing, rather than what I like or would like to be a part of. I feel that I am in a constant state of crouching in the starting blocks of a race. Waiting for the gun to blow, I restlessly get more confused about this world, and what it "has to offer" for me. Is it partying? Drinking? Drugs? Sex? Games? ...entertainment of this world.

all of it...

And yet, people run to it, as if it is completely necessary for life, like water or food. We strive for human contact, physical contact, all feeding into a sort of reassurance and self-esteem booster. And we all act differently around different groups of people. Do you ever ask yourself, "who am I, REALLY!?" Because shockingly, I am nearly 100% sure that most people would not be able to answer that question! Or if they do, the answer is who they are, based on their job/career/education/family/or set of beliefs (or lack thereof). Those items are great references as to what you may do, or feel, but not who you are. See, because who you are is not determined by momentary fads or cool cliques that you may be a part of. It's not determined by how many friends you have, or how much money you make. Why not? Because that's what we are, by ASSOCIATION!! But instead, we should focus on our identity (who we REALLY are). And based on identity, we can then form associative things to do, places to work, etc. Will those things to do change, as we change? Yes. Will your identity change, as you learn more about yourself (and life)? Yes. But that's where I'm stuck!! I am trying to best position myself, and make sure that I am not being someone that I am not. I don't want to come off as fake (as most do), just to fit into a specific group of people. In the end, people don't matter anyway. They are the temporary satisfactions, relationships, and things that make us "happy".

Music, movies, parties, shows, etc. fill our lives with this idea of how life should be; with happiness. You know, something that we "NEED" to feel/have. But do we need to be happy, to live a great life? NO! Simply put, happiness is temporary. But YOLO...Live in the Moment...right? Go for it! Let me know what happens when you run out of "happy" things to do, that keep you occupied. And then what!? What happens when you can't find pleasure in what you do? There is a void. A large, gaping void. It's unavoidable, really. The only thing that can fill that void, is joy. As crazy as it may sound, joy is not something you get our of hanging with friends, going out, watching entertainment...NONE OF IT!! Those bring this idea of happiness. So we are now back to square one. Where does joy come from, and how the heck can I fill this void? Joy is found, when love is learned. And once we are filled with joy, we are overcome with an abundance of peace. Not one that helps to take our minds off of work, or other stresses, but a feeling that puts that all to rest with a joyful peace deep within our soul. And where does this "learned love" come from? From the Creator, God; the inventor, and owner of love. The same God that loves us more than we will ever know and more than we could ever love someone else. Check it out: Romans 8:18-39 & Deuteronomy 31:6. If that is what God provides, then why are so many people running from the truth (God)?

Because people are dumb. But wait! If God created us, and we are dumb, then is God dumb? No, don't be foolish! God made us with the ability to have free will. With that free will, we are able to decide what we would like to do, whenever we want to. That is dangerous! Remember those things that we do to be happy? Yeah, well they are FAR easier to fall into, and seek pleasure, than going to God [for joy, nonetheless]. But why would God make it that easy for us to fall? will. Check it! If God made it so easy to follow Him, we would all be monotonous robots without knowing if we even love God. Instead, He allows us to choose, while waiting for us to make the correct move (which essentially is to go to Him and trust that He will be the guide). So, what if we never run out of things to do that make us happy? Well, what happens when you die? Will you be "happy"? Good luck! All those "happy" things don't go with you, just thought I should add. Does that mean we shouldn't have human interaction, and go into hiding? NO! But it does mean that we should be careful and cautious as to how we interact with who we are with! Don't forget that we are all constant influences, whether we like it or not. We are always being seen by someone who could be a future employer, future friend, future boyfriend/girlfriend, or the exact opposite! Relax with the "exciting" life, and popularity. It all runs out. Instead, fill the void with God, not people. Show those people how great God is, how loving God is, and how much you would die for him [because I mean, He already died for you...]. 

If someone asked me, would you rather have life or God, it would be a no brainer. And maybe that doesn't make sense. But replace God with people, and ask about choosing life or people, and see how many people choose life.

James 1