Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Socially Speaking

The mobile phone; the device created to make phone calls between people, without having to be at home. It was developed, created, and demonstrated in 1973, by Motorola. It weighed only a mere 2.2 pounds, with a range of service that would be viewed today as short [at best]. In 1979, the first cellular hand held (such foreign words these days) device was commercially available. The first mobile to mobile text (SMS) message was sent in 1993, advancing past the original purpose of a mobile phone.  In the last 20 years or so, the cell phone has become more than a mode of basic conversation; it has become the vast majority of peoples’ lives.

The smartphone era. The smartphone generation. I suppose the generation is part of the well-known “Generation Y”. It is a group of introspective, technology and thrill seeking; self consumed “Millennials”, born within the year range of 1980-2000. Oddly enough, that is the same general time period in which cell phones had been made commercially available, and advanced past a basic verbal communication device. 

Do I have a cell phone? YES

Do I have applications and social media on it? YES

Now, though, I would rather not have any of it. It complicates life, exposes too much, and lessens the actual in person interaction between human beings. Granted, I am sure I sound like an old school, old man right now, but cell phones are creating a diversion. Instead of assisting in communication, as it was once purposed for, they are ruining the line of communication. I have not been able to sit in a room with peers, without them getting on their phone at some (several) point(s). It’s a crutch for people. It’s a way to get away from their surroundings, and have their own time and space to themselves. But they aren’t having any sort of time alone. Every post, every like, every picture, every favorite, every retweet, is broadcasted for everyone to see. Cell phones have made it far too easy for social media to be accessed at any point of the day, from any location. 

Social media destroyed how everyday life used to be. Instead of having one on one face to face conversation, everything is out for everyone to see. 

Twitter=no more thoughts kept to yourself anymore

Facebook=no one has privacy anymore

Instagram=no one takes pictures for themselves anymore

Snapchat=no one takes pictures for an album or to give to anyone anymore

Maybe this will help:

Unfortunately, social media will continue to advance, and never reach a point of utter disgust for enough people to finally put down the phones and just live life. Moments in life will be ruined; relationships will be ruined. We are all becoming drones in this forever technologically advancing world. The applications that were once created to be used as an expression of self have become who we are. We live in our phones, and act according to how we describe ourselves in the ‘About Me’ section of each social media profile. We are becoming more social, without even speaking.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


A domesticated animal has three main daily duties; eat, sleep, pee/poop. Animals also make noises, rub, pick, pester, poke, etc., all for attention. I wonder sometimes, do they enjoy their life? Whether they are put in a cage/tank or not, don't they have some feeling of being cooped up? The minute the leash is grabbed, the dog is jumping up and down, spinning in circles, and wagging its tail vigorously. And the animal hasn't even gotten to the door yet! Oh, and when food is brought out; even at the sound of the scooper going in, or the scent of the gooey mush, the animal loses it.

Humans, in contrast, have a larger brain, therefore more intelligence. As a result, humans are able to have a schedule. Humans plan their days, work harder, and travel faster than animals. That's actually not very different at all. Without technologies, and other industrial advancements, we would all be on a very equal plane. We would eat, sleep, and pee/poop, just like all the animals do. And in fact, animals [in the wild] have a schedule, and generally a plan (which may look vastly different then humans). Instinctual behaviors in animals that seem so unnatural [and downright annoying] to humans, are actually quite normal for animals. It is what helps them to survive. And when human instincts kick in, it is probably weird looking to the animals [and other humans as well].

In a way, humans have sort of domesticated themselves.

We have created schedules. We have created work. We have created stresses. We have created issues. We have created our own. And the most interesting thing is that we constantly follow in others' mistakes, as if humans will never learn their lesson on how life is and can be.

I feel cooped up.

I have read that our souls are yearning to be set free. I wonder how many people believe that. I wonder how many people feel that way. I wonder why we don't allow our souls to be set free. Is it that we are afraid of what may happen if we let go of our burdens? Is it that we are afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone? Is it that we are afraid to leave it in the hands of God?

Admittedly, I am tired. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel like I am battling myself in a terribly written movie plot. You know, one where I am running through a busy European city looking for something or someone, and I never seem to reach them; where there are constant turns along the way, leading to confusion and disorientation? Maybe I need some sleep. That could be what is causing these domesticated thoughts. It could also be that I just need time. Time to breathe, time to rest the mind, and time to refocus. I am weak. I can't do it alone. I need to revamp every so often. Meditate, rest, and relax.

I was never into superhero movies, nor animated series. As friends watched them, I never grasped a real connection and interest to them. They seemed to superficial and unrealistic to me. However, I always had an affinity for the character Wolverine, in X-Men. His ability to heal rapidly, intrigued me. I just wonder if his healing was internal and emotional as well, or if it was just on the surface physically. One can assume that it was merely a physical quick fix, due to his emotional outbursts about his late girl. The main reason behind allowing the Wolverine to heal physically, without the emotional healing is to press the ultimate message that a healing factor can’t fix emotional scars; they merely scab over, leaving them to be picked at and fester no matter how hardened of a killer one is.

Side note - The animal, a wolverine, is a smaller animal with great fight and power; known for having the ability to kill larger prey. It is very much a solitary animal that needs its own space. No amount of love and care would be able to domesticate such an animal.

If I could pick a super power, I would have the ability to manage my emotions better; the Wolverine of emotions. I am in no way out of control with my emotions, but I feel like I can let them get the best of me.

It is one hundred percent necessary for me to be calm, permit God to soften my heart, free my soul, and allow God to be my Wolverine.