Sunday, December 4, 2011

Learning To Fly

"I suppose I'm learning."

If I had a penny for every time I have said that, or heard someone else say that, I'd be rich!!  Is there ever a time when we are done learning? ...I suppose when we die.  (or is that too harsh?)

About a month ago, I was in my kitchen cooking up some food, and I overheard something on the news.  It made me stop what I was doing, and look at the TV.
For those of you that know me, you know that I do NOT like to watch TV, let alone the news.
The news anchor was reporting that there was an investigation in the production of synthetic drugs.  I immediately became confused.  Why would someone produce synthetic drugs!?  From what I gathered, synthetic drugs are produced in order to make drugs cheaper.  Still confused?  Well, after some research on the matter, I found that the drugs that are being produced, are made by mixing chemicals together to produce the drug.  I also found that the synthetic drugs result in the same desired effect on the body.  This ticks me off!!  ...for several reasons.
1. I never really understood the altering of the chemicals in the body to feel a certain way.  Even when I drank (which is classified as a 'drug', I never really understood.  I hated the feeling.  I just drank to be cool)
2. ^^^ how bad does that sound for you?  Just saying.  I mean, ALTER the chemicals in your body.  Is that even safe?  But I suppose over the counter meds, and prescription medication alters the chemicals as well.
So, isn't that the problem!?  What used to be, when humans existed LONG ago...before all of the 'drugs'?? I supposed they used other natural remedies to suppress the pain they had, or the anxiety.  But isn't that the problem?  Why are we wired in that way?  Why are humans so selfish?  Why is it that our internal self desires so much more than it can have?  Why do we strive for the perfect this, the perfect that, to achieve the perfect feeling?  Again, why are we wired that way?  I once watched a documentary on anxiety and stress among humans.  We are high stress beings...that being obvious.  But what is the true meaning behind all of that?  Why are we so anxious?  Well, studies prove that humans have the innate ability to be stressed, for certain situations.  For instance, when humans had to hunt for food, and fend for their lives, they had to be stressed out someway, in order for the body to react [and survive].  So did that just carry over, as we evolved?  Eh, I don't like that word, "evolved".  (I will touch on this at another time)..."became more advanced."  I believe the answer to be a resounding yes.  And because we stress, we would like a remedy for that.  I mean, who on this earth wants to be stressed!?  So we seek medicine for it, food for it, and put other things into our bodies to relieve the stress, for the momentary satisfaction.
3. This is the main reason why I so highly dislike(d) this report: these are chemists, that are producing these synthetic drugs.  That, I'm sure you could already assume.  Now think about this: there are how many doctors in the world?  And how many diseases and illnesses do we have?  How many have a cure? many don't?  I don't have the specifics, nor the numbers on it.  And yeah, there is some reason to believe that many diseases are forever evolving and reoccurring, leading to the inability to cure them.  But what if, in an all perfect world, these same doctors.  Yeah, the ones spending days to produce a synthetic drug.  What if they devoted their time to something else?  Perhaps, hmm...curing a disease.  One that causes deaths to hundreds of thousands (if not millions), each year!  I get the mindset.  They are just looking for a quick dollar (which is wrong nonetheless, in a way that is harming other people).  And yes, they are/were punished for this offense already.  But don't you see what I'm getting at!?!?

Why are we so focused on the exterior, and the outer layer of things?  This world has nothing better to do, than to research how to make a drug cheaper and more effective?  ...FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! It's a recreational drug!!!  It's not like they were testing drugs to help...ugh enough.  What I am saying is that this world is filled with wasted talent.  People with PhD.'s screwing around in medical labs, people with the ability to create and innovate...sitting at a dead end job.  There are politics behind it, and there are people who know people, who...well...know people.  But COME ON!!!  I have grown tired of it.  I suppose we are all guilty of it.  But why don't we act on it then?  Why have we become so freaking accustom to sitting around waiting for someone else to change the world, when we can just try for ourselves!?  Okay, that has to be a quote from somewhere! hah  But that's my point, anyhow.  And take it from me.  I have wasted years of my life, muddling around, doing who knows what, instead of getting out and doing the things I do best.  I suppose I am still learning what I do best, as we all are.  That still shouldn't be used as an excuse.  We are our own method to our madness!


I was thinking about how we learn.  I learn something new everyday.  As a matter of fact, I can probably name several things that I learn each day!  Nonetheless, learning is an important part of the development of humans.  Do we have a maximum capacity for learning?  Yes, I know that my grandfather knows more than I do.  And he has learned a heck of a lot in his lifetime.  What if we develop some sort of mental deficiency, leading to a regression in mental capacity?  Do we learn until the day we die?  What about after we die?  Do we still learn things then?  That I don't know.  The answer to all these questions, I don't know.  I stumped myself.  I am able to admit that I don't know all of the answers in life.  What I do know is this:  I am learning.  Everything that is meant for me to learn, I will.  And everything after I die will come when I pass on.  Because if I am too curious about where I'm going, I must remember that I ain't got wings.